We are the body of Christ.
As family, Jesus calls us to be disciples
to share our Catholic faith and the gifts He gives us.


Prayer is as necessary to our souls as food is to our bodies. Prayer and the sacraments renew a soul to receive God's abundant graces, which are necessary to grow in holiness. It is through prayer that we nurture our personal relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


A steward remains deeply rooted in humility recognizing that the gifts one has been given come not from self, but from God. A strong steward shares their gifts with a generous, grateful, and loving heart.


A stewardship parish family is ready to minister to varied needs of their own parish family as well as the needs of the Catholic community and Church. Let us pledge as a community to serve and be served - to give and to receive.

Sacred Heart - St. Joseph Catholic Parish

Sacred Heart Church (SH)
312 NE Freeman Ave
Topeka KS 66616
(785) 234-3338

St. Joseph Church (StJ)
227 SW VanBuren St
Topeka KS 66603
(785) 232-2863

Fr. Tim Haberkorn

Sunday Mass
Saturday: SH 4:00 pm
Sunday:    StJ 8:00 am
                   SH 10:30 am
(Sept-May 10:30 am; Jun-Aug 10 am)
(There is only one Mass on
Germanfest Sunday @ 8 am)

Daily Mass Schedule
    No Mass

    SH 8:00 am

    StJ 6:30 am

    SH 8:00 am

    StJ 6:30 am
    SH 8:00 am (during school year)

1st Saturday Only:
    StJ 7:30 am

First Friday: StJ 6:00-6:20 am
First Saturday: StJ 7:00-7:20 am
Saturday: SH 3:15-3:55 pm
Sunday: StJ 7:10-7:55 am

Special Lenten Confessions
Wednesdays of Lent: StJ 6 pm
March 4, 11, 18, 25, April 8

Topeka Regional Lenten Penance Service
Sunday, March 29, 2 pm Mother Teresa 
Monday, March 30, 7 pm St Joseph 
Monday, March 30, 7 pm Our Lady Guadalupe
Tuesday, March 31, 7 pm Christ the King
Wednesday, April 1, 7 pm St. Matthew
Thursday, April 2, 7 pm Mater Dei (HN)
Saturday, April 4, 9:30 am Most Pure Heart

Hall Rental
SH: Cindy Renyer 785-845-6031
StJ: StJ Rectory 785-232-2863

Sacred Heart Office Hours
T-W-Th-F:  8 am - Noon
Bulletin Deadline:  8 am Wednesday
SH Secretary
Therese Klein

St. Joseph Office Hours
M-W-F: 8 am - Noon
StJ Secretary
Teresa Thomas

Lisa Deghand

CCD Webpage

Consider electronic offertory to assist
in making your parish contribution to
support our church. Visit Faith.Direct/KS196
to enroll.

Sacred Heart Church

312 NE Freeman Ave

Topeka, KS 66616


St. Joseph Church

227 SW VanBuren St

Topeka, KS 66603