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“This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it,” and rejoicing it was on December 18th—the day of releasing the book, “Spires for All Time: the Art and History of St. Joseph German Catholic Church.” St. Joseph Church hall was abuzz with excitement of Sacred Heart-St. Joseph parishioners and visitors. The authors spoke, thanking those who had assisted in this venture, particularly noting people who had offered advice and moral support. Then they signed books. “It is a beautiful book,” “WOW! A lot of hard work went into this,” were some of the many complements. Thank you to those who have purchased “Spires;” your patronage is appreciated. If you know of anyone who would like a copy you are welcome to contact the St. Joseph Church rectory at 785-232-2863, email: order below or 

Recently, a well-known English teacher and author of many books himself commented, “This is more than a coffee-table book; it is that, and much more.” While it bears the look of a book to show off; it also embodies “meaty” information that you can “sink your teeth into.” Truly, from the awesome photography to an interesting historical narrative that often displays humor; it is meant to be enjoyed.

“I had no idea!” has been the most common comment. “I have read much of the book and it has taken me back to MY roots,” a purchaser remarked recently. “I am not from Topeka, but reading ‘Spires for All Time’ reminds me of the church I grew up at,” was another. “It tells the Catholic faith through the architecture of this building and the spiritually devotional sections are uplifting,” mentioned a priest. The book has an appeal to a broad spectrum of people, from those who grew up at Sacred Heart-St. Joseph parishes, to history, art and clock enthusiasts, to those who want to “walk in the shoes” of these people as they settle and carve out their livelihoods “beneath the towers.” The books are being sold at events and after Masses at various Catholic churches. Scheduled are the 1st Saturday Mass at St. Joseph Church on February 6th and Christ the King Church on February 13th and 14th. Plans are in the works for having a St. Joseph reunion Mass and an open house of St. Joseph School on April 25th.

While working on the book, coauthors Christine Adams and Teresa Thomas would frequently remind themselves of the significance of the project. In an endeavor of endurance, it is important to “keep your eyes on the prize,” which naturally, in this case, would be a book to hold in your hands—the finished product. “Actually, a greater reward has been the wide eyes and bright smiles of a person first seeing the book. Then opening the pages their curiosity seems piqued; page after page they peruse it. Appearing satisfied they look up; the twinkle in their eyes and look on their face is sometimes so heartwarming that it can bring tears,” said Christine. A patron asked Christine to explain what being involved in this project has meant. “This project meant extra effort and time, obtaining a greater knowledge base and a chance to delve deep within to develop my creativity. There were sleepless nights and sometimes frustration. On the flip side, though, were moments of sheer delight, inspiration and utter bliss. Having spent eleven years working on this project with Teresa, I can easily say, that for her this book is a fulfillment of a lifelong dream. One doesn’t often witness their dream become reality.”

Click on this link to read theTopeka Capital Journal article, "Book Shows Beauty of Church".

***Sale Price*** $10. Yes, this beautiful book is yours for only a $10 donation.


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